IR reflective sensor breakout board (GP2S60B)

Posted: 2015-05-02

I’m currently in the middle of building a replica of Chexal technologies beer pong table, and in order to sense if a cup is over the acrylic I needed some sensors!
In the original table they use some sensors that are through hole but I thought I would try and get these surface mount ones working as they are a bit cheaper and compact.

The sensor is the Sharp Microelectronics GP2S60B which is a reflective IR sensor with emitter and sensor in one package. It’s ideal sense range is 0.7mm but I will be trying to get it to work through 2mm thick acrylic. Since there are 20 required for the table I am also going to use a mux to read all the outputs like Chexal has done.

I made a breakout in eagle with all the pins broken out as well as a solder jumper to let you connect the input voltage as the input to the detector. There are also two spots for the resistors needed.

I already ordered the board, but next time I am going to use 0805 resistors since they are easier to solder than the 0603 I used and I already have booklet with a bunch of 0805 resistors. I’ve been using 0603 in a different project and just automatically used them. Oops.

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